Monday, August 18, 2014

Sam and I Surviving A Weekend Alone


Happy Monday everyone! I hope that everyone passed a great weekend! If I’m being honest, I was worried about my weekend. Before Sam was even born Ryan had booked a getaway for the weekend! In the past, pre-baby, I looked forward to these weekends. I would get the bed, T.V and house to myself! Post baby, I was worried.

Aug 17 4

Not to mention Sam was having a particularly difficult week. I think it was a mix of growth and teething. Wednesday was HORRIBLE and Ryan was leaving on Thursday afternoon and coming back on Sunday.

Thursday Sam still wasn’t 100% himself but we said goodbye to Ryan and I got ready to do a weekend of parenting alone. That evening I was feeling sort of bored so Sam and I took a long walk! Our roads around here are dirt and people drive on them like it’s a speedway! Therefore, we take walks around our fields instead! 

aug 17 5

Friday we went about our day getting chores done so that we didn’t have to do them on the weekend! That evening Jilly, Sam and I went to a friend-filled BBQ at Amanda and Josh’s. I love how scheduled my little guy is but it also means that he lives by his routine. So by 7 he was getting grumpy so we had to head home so that I could put in down to bed.

By 7:30 on Friday night, after Sam was in bed, I decided to make myself a “treat” of a special drink and a little bowl of chips! 

aug 17 6

I had been wanting to watch a Robin Williams movie all weekend and I remembered I had Patch Adams on VHS. So I popped it into the VCR and had a nice “Movie Night In Beechgrove”.


The next morning Sam and I headed to the city to get a few things and then met friends Jill and Stacy for lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, Montana’s! While Sam slept I got to enjoy all of my favourites! We each got an appetizer and shared! Then I got the yummy Chicken Taco’s! The meal wouldn’t be complete without some skillet cookie!

While we were having lunch my cousin and Stacy’s sister, Shannon called to say that her water had broken! Eek!  

On the way home I stopped and got some second-hand winter clothes for Sam! I got a huge box and a brand new snow suit for literally pennies!

When I got home Sam and I actually packed up and headed to my parents. We decided to go there for a little sleepover! As soon as I walked in the door though my Dad grabbed Sam and my Mom led into their bathroom. The soaker tub was filled with hot water, there were chocolates, wine and yummy bath stuff! I spent a glorious 45 minutes soaking and enjoying some wine!

After I got out, I came into the living room where Sam was reading a book with his Nana. I then put him to bed while they set up their movie room for another “Movie Night in Beechgrove”. We snacked on Nacho’s and watched Heaven Is For Real, which was an awesome movie – highly recommended!

Aug 17 1

The next morning, while sipping on coffee, I got word that my cousin Shannon had welcomed a beautiful baby girl early in the morning! Rylie Elizabeth made her entrance at 2:11 AM! I can’t wait to meet her and get in some baby snuggles! 

Picture via Shannon’s facebook! Such a sweet heart! I know a lot of people are saying Rylie looks like her Daddy but I see Shannon!


The rest of the morning we relaxed, played with Sam, had a late breakfast and literally stayed in our P.J’s all day! Oh and we watched these turkey’s using my parents bench as a play structure!

aug 17 2

Today is actually my Mom’s birthday so I have to show this picture of Sam with his Nana yesterday!

Aug 17 3

Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for being such a great mother and Nana! We love you very much!

Ryan came home in the early afternoon and we all headed home to get ready for the weekend! Although we missed him, I have to say that the weekend wasn’t as bad as I expected! We filled our time with friends and family which is always a perfect weekend in my books!

How was your weekend?



  1. You brave girl! Glad you guys made it through the weekend!

  2. I haven't done a whole weekend alone with Jeanette yet, just 24 hours but it was a lot of work! How amazing that your parents had a nice treat waiting for you! We had a nice weekend as well and spent a lot of time together as a family. Sometimes it's nice to not have plans and just roll with it :)

  3. I remember what a challenge it would be when Reg was in the military. He would be gone for weeks on end, or a couple of times, months, and we lived in places without friends or family when the twins were little. I am so thrilled for all your family to be right there to help out in a heartbeat. You are a strong person, Lindsay, and a super capable Mom.