Friday, February 10, 2017

Baby W #2 - 13 Weeks

Written at 13 Weeks on February 3, 2017. Today I am 14 weeks! 

This Week:

Excited to be in a "safe" zone and excited that general public knows! It feels so good not to be lying anymore and trying to look normal when I feel everything but!

Baby This Week:

I'm totally over fruit from the first pregnancy. But I found a new App that gives cooler descriptions. This week the baby is about the size of a match box car apparently!

Maternity Clothes;

Not even close! This is very different then Sam. I thought that, especially since it is my second pregnancy, that I would need maternity clothes sooner. But with the weight loss that I've experienced my normal clothes are really baggy. While I can feel the hard lump where my uterus is, I've lost enough weight that it doesn't effect my waistline! I have been thinking lots about this summer pregnancy and looking forward to sandals. I hated putting on shoes/boots in the winter with Sam.

Stretch Marks/Weight:

Stretch marks are just the faded ones from before. Weight...well this has been interesting. I've talked about my level of sickness but what really reflects it is the scale. For the first few weeks I wasn't concerned about my weight but as the weeks have passed and my clothes got bigger, I started to wonder. As of today, I am down 16 pounds.


The only movement I've felt is the shifting and moving of stuff in my belly! I can occasionally feel stretching too.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Umm.....everything? ha ha! I have hardly eaten any meat or vegetables for weeks now. In the mornings I have a muffin and then a piece of fruit for snack. Lunch and supper are a wash as usually it ends up in the toilette so I try to nibble at toast or crackers. Coffee is a big NO right now as it makes me feel sick and bubbly drinks like ginger ale are bad too. I've got a few "no" foods only because they aren't good coming up while being sick. French fries (THE WORSE!), peanut butter, orange juice and everything bagels.

I do crave foods but I mostly can't stomach them. Today, I'd give my left arm for a chocolate hot fudge sundae! OH BOY! I love cranberry juice right now and it helps in the evenings when I'm hungry but can't eat because I'm being sick every hour. The sugar gives me a little energy. I even put it in a wine glass to be fancy! :) 


You know I have to say, if I took away the puking 2-10 times a day everyday thing, I don't think I have that many symptoms. I'm exhausted at the end of the day but I think a big part of that is the multiple puking episodes. My stomach and throat are usually so sore and I can't keep my eyes open. Mid-afternoon desk naps have been a life saver. 

I haven't really had too many head aches, I'm a little emotional sometimes, a little acne but otherwise if I wasn't sick, I don't know how "pregnant" I'd feel.

OH! One symptom that I do want to record about and it's a weird one, is low blood pressure. I always had normal BP with Sam but for some reason so far this pregnancy has caused low BP. I asked the doctor about it and he just said it was one of this pregnancy things! It causes me to be light headed some times and easily out of breath.

What I Miss:

This is so easy...I miss eating and drinking normally and being functional. THANK GOD I work in the family business and on a bad day (especially with it being winter) I just go home or lay my head down on my desk for a nap. But I do miss feeling even slightly normal. It's been 6+ weeks of puking multiple times a day, every day and I'm getting worn out. I hate going out and having to use dirty public bathrooms. So I literally try and not go anywhere especially with Sam. Nothing worse then dragging my 2.5 year old to a public bathroom in a small stall. And the auto flush toilets going off in your face over and over. I told Ryan I want to take Sam to the children's museum this winter while it's quiet but worried about doing it by myself.

Labour Signs:

Heck no!


I have to say we are WAY more tempted this time then we were with Sam to know if we are having a boy or a girl. But we have decided we still want to wait until delivery day. It was so special with Sam and we want to experience that again.

The resounding vote so far is girl because of how sick I am. I'm not convinced. I honestly thing come DDay, I will be shocked either way.

Wedding Rings and Belly Button:

My rings are on and loose but I know likely won't last as long as it did with Sam since I'll be pregnant in the warmer months! I never did have my belly button pop with Sam!

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment:

I have a doctors appointment at 13 weeks 6 days and looking forward to maybe hearing the heartbeat again, talking about medication for sickness (hopefully) and just overall getting checked out. I love my doctor and always feel so much better after a visit with him.

Daddy This Week:

Daddy has always been a champ since we found out we were pregnant. He had gotten a little use to the pregnancy sickness but for the last couple weeks has been extra helpful. I am LOVING the winter time when he is off in the afternoons and can go pick up Sam from daycare. The afternoons are my worse and I would normally not make it home from getting our boy without having to stop to be sick. So, when Ryan goes to get him instead, I can head home at 4 PM and be sick in the comfort of my own home. If there's meat for supper, he cooks it and serves it to Sam. Sam is always interested in being with me while I'm being sick but Ryan has been great at distracting him in the evenings which always my bathroom visits to be solo. No answering toddler questions mid-puke is a luxury now! ha ha!

I think Ryan is a little oblivious to the fact that we are going to have another baby in August. Sometimes he talks summer plans and kind of forgets what is happening. Like a truck pull far away on the 1st of August. He was making plans to go and I had to stop him. Or a golf trip second week of July in the states! Ya, no!

Big Brother Sam:

Sam really has no idea what is going on. Half the time he argues with me that the baby is in fact in his belly! EVERY single time we ask, he says it's a baby SEE-ster. Otherwise, his big concern is mommy "spitting". If I stop what I'm doing he looks at me and says, "Momma, you Otay?" When I'm done in the bathroom he always asks, "Momma, you all done spitting?" Sometimes on bad days he'll go get his ice out of the freezer and put it on my belly to help me feel better. He has been so sweet! 


Honestly, if other Momma's-to-be out there are reading, just survive. Your kid eats cereal 3 nights in a row? That's ok! A little too much screen time on your bad days? Your kid will survive! You fall asleep at 7:30? So be it! It's been hard for me to let go of the reigns and then delegate things for Ryan to do but it's the only way I feel like I can function right now.



  1. I wasn't sick even once with Rylie - I believe the old wives tales are all bull lol rest up when and where you can. It'll get better!

  2. cereal three nights, hell ya - we do that at least twice a week and I'm not even pregnant and sick! Haha! We would come to the Children's museum with you if you need reinforcement - let me know and I can get us the pass from the library and it's free!

  3. I have been holding you in my prayers, Lindsay. I was super sick with Olivia until twenty weeks, then it got much better. I lost thirty pounds with her. When I was full term I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Pamper yourself all you need to, guilt free.

  4. It means EVERYTHING to have that support at home when you have a little running around , and sick with another. I think it's our bodies way of showing the other kiddo that baby sometimes requires more attention ;) that being said, I was very sick for both of mine from about 6wks-15wks. Not quite your level, but I can't imagine it having been any worse, so sending strength your way!!:)