Friday, February 24, 2017

Baby W # 2- 15 Weeks

Written at 15 weeks. Currently 16 weeks today! 

This Week:

Into the second trimester and I THINK I am beginning to feel the second trimester energy! I was worried last week when I was still pretty sick and had no energy. I am not less sick (HALLELUJAH!) and I definitely have more energy in the day! 

Baby This Week:

Baby is the size of a small box of crayons!

Maternity Clothes:

Still no in this department but I am noticing by the evening it is more comfortable to undo the top button of my pants.

I kind of did a mental breakdown of what I own for maternity clothes. As you know, I like to live frugally and I personally think Maternity clothes are a HUGE waste of money. Yet, they are kind of a necessity for comfort. Especially when you work outside of the house. I am set for winter and early Spring wear. My concern is when the weather gets warmer. I am hoping I can get by with dresses but I do know I will need at least a black and white t-shirt and jean maternity shorts. I think I can get by with my bathing suits. One item I don't really NEED is a pair of black maternity Capri's that I would like for work.

I've been trying to keep an eye open at thrift stores, ebay and online sale sites for these 4 items in my size but no luck so far. I think it is just too far from summer still!

Stretch Marks/Weight:

I actually forgot to weigh myself this week. I am thinking I have either maintained or gained a little because my eating has really improved this week!


More weird uterus movements. The "belly" is getting higher.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Meat is still a no-go. While I still would rather eat fruit, I have been able to stomach a little more vegetables this week and been trying to force myself to eat a little.

After visiting with a fellow preggo friend (Hi Amanda!), she was talking about her chips and dip cravings! I thought it sounded good so on the weekend picked up some. Well I guess the salty does not agree with me! I couldn't get through even a few chips! Yuck!

But I still love MANGO'S (yum!), strawberries, yogurt, ice cream, jam and cranberry juice!


I have been getting headaches this week randomly which sucks. I thought it may be water intake but it doesn't seem to help. But thankfully, one little regular strength Tylenol does the trick!

This happened the last time too but my hips get sore some days from loosening. And my back was killing me. I was blaming wearing heels at a tradeshow but it's continued on. I notice it after sitting all day. And it's always my lower right side of my back. I've been going so stretching and yoga moves to help keep it at bay. 

What I Miss:

I don't miss much this week...I'm feeling a little better, I'm more energized and the weather is right up my alley! It's been a good week!

Labour Signs:



Team green! When I was pregnant with Sam, I was adamant that we didn't find out the gender. Whereas Ryan wanted to know! He hates surprises! I won (good husband right there!) and we had the greatest surprise arrive on April 3, 2014.

This time around, I gave Ryan the option. I told him that since I got my way last time, that I was giving him the option for us to find out for this pregnancy. He is now 110% into waiting until D-Day. He says it was the best moment of his life to be able to announce to me we had a son. So, for those complaining that we aren't finding out, blame Ryan! :)

Wedding Ring/Belly Button:

No changes.

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment:

I was really looking forward to my pedicure! While I am still able to bend comfortably, there is something nice about being pampered.

Oh and two couples close to us finding out they are having little boys! Very excited for them!

Daddy This Week:

Well we still have a serious name problem with Ryan. There haven't been any first name suggestions from him this week but I realized that he can't even help with the middle name!

I have this on going list of potential names and middle names. The middle names are always family names. Names that belonged to special people in our lives whether they are still here or not. Ryan's middle name is after his biological Dad who is not apart of his life. He wants nothing to do with that name and we will never use it. However, when Ryan was younger another man stepped in as a father figure. Naturally, when creating our list of middle names, his step Dad's middle name had to be included to our list in case it suited with a first name we chose. So PATRICK, the name Ryan tells me is his step father's middle name, is added to the list.

Over the weekend I am with my MIL and we are discussing family names. My FIL's name comes up and I said "Well, I do like his middle name, Patrick, it's definitely a potential." She looks at me very strangely and says, "That's not his middle name."


Yes, the name "PATRICK" we've had an a running list for middle names since we were pregnant with Sam is not my FIL's middle name. It's JOSEPH! What if we had given the middle name Patrick to Sam?? Good grief!

Big Brother Sam:

So I am pretty sure that Sam thinks every baby is a girl. We were at a gender reveal party and when asked he said it was a girl! Later we found out friends were having a boy and then Sam argued with us that it was actually a girl. Ha ha!

There is a new friend at Sam's daycare. While she isn't a little baby, she is still a baby in his eyes! Sam doesn't have that much experience around babies but I was so proud to hear about him being so sweet to his new friend. I am told he is always so gentle with her. Huge relief and hopefully continues on for when his big brother duties really arrive! 


So apparently Mango's are a natural laxative. Eat with caution!

Heels are stupid.


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