Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Things I'm Celebrating This Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope that you have had a great week so far! It has been actually going by really fast here at the farm. Finishing up year end, new contracts are coming out for the Spring and the SNOW IS STARTING TO MELT! I know the melting snow is not something permanent but I am enjoying it anyways. I am actually looking forward to weather the first week in March because I am a believer in the theory, "In like a lion, out like a lamb". 

There's a few things I've been feeling celebratory about lately and I thought that I'd share them with you! 

1. I didn't puke on Monday. Ok...this might seem like a normal and everyday thing for you. But to me, this is HUGE! I can't remember the last time I didn't puke. I guess that explains my upbeat attitude on Monday. I just felt SOO great! It didn't last. Tuesday was not great but the fact that I had 1 whole day without being sick on Monday gives me hope. Hope that there will be future days of no puking. Maybe, a whole week? Is it possible? 

2. I am nesting early and I recognize it. I feel like crap while doing it but I have this inner feeling like I need to organize and I need to do it NOW!! I think it's because my head knows that come Spring and early Summer, it is our busy season on the farm and I will likely not feel like doing it then. So instead, my nesting has gone into over drive early. I had a bunch of things packed up to bring to donate. And yesterday, I was in the city so I dropped them off at a Value Village. After dropping everything off, the guy that helped me handed me a 25% off my next purchase card! Woo hoo! This will come in handy when I'm looking for some maternity clothes later in the Spring. 

3. Tax season for a lot of people is a huge headache. For me, I secretly love it. I'm pretty lucky as I live and work in Quebec so I rarely (knock on wood) owe money. Now, I don't get a lot back either but usually some. But for me, tax season is a good time to sit down and examine your expenses, your income and budget. I'm kind of a money person in the sense that I like to know where every dollar is going and being maximized. I like to look at our RRSP's and RESP's and see what % they had on return in the last year. Change things in our policies to better suit our current situation. So basically, I'm a huge dork. The first step is admitting it. But this time of year really forces Ryan (who hates all things money talk!) and I to assess everything and make a plan for the coming year and future. 

4. Sam has been doing SO good in his big boy bed. I seriously had no idea it would be this easy. He wanted to be sleeping in it so bad that he has not fussed once. It's normal bedtime routine and he stays in bed all night. He still calls for us in the morning because he doesn't realize he can get out by himself. He is up to 5 stuffies in his bed with him and they all have a specific spot in bed. He is very particular as to where they go. In fact, it's the longest part of the bedtime routine. But it makes him happy and he doesn't stay awake all night playing with them so it's ok. I still sneak a peak at him before I go to bed every night. I don't think that will ever change! Hooray to big boy bed! Now I can start getting the nursery ready (see item number 2). 

Happy Wednesday! 


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