Friday, February 17, 2017

Baby W #2 - 14 Weeks

Written at 14 weeks on February 10. Currently 15 weeks

This Week:

SECOND TRIMESTER! WOO HOO! I am so glad to say SEE YA LATER to the first trimester. I just want to move on and move forward with better (hopefully) weeks ahead! This week brought on a few work obligations that made for some long days which means sick days but glad they are done!

Baby This Week:

Baby is about the size of a Troll doll. Which by judging by the amount of heartburn I've had so far maybe the same amount of hair too! Just hopefully a normal color! :)

Maternity Clothes:

Not even in my mind right now. I have the box of maternity clothes from last time stored away and I haven't looked at yet. Instead, I'm looking to find a pair of a size smaller work pants to get me through until I need maternity clothes. My normal ones are very baggy and won't stay up over my butt. But I am seeing my middle get a little thicker so hopefully that helps keep the pants up better soon. I have been lucky that work tradeshow season is during early pregnancy and all my "fancy" work clothes still fit! 

Yup tradeshow selfie. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom this day so I might as well documented it! Oh and to the person who called security on me, thanks....

Stretch Marks/Weight

Nothing new for stretch marks.

I kept more food down this week then I have in a few months. While lunch would typically be gone down the toilette, it now seems to be staying sometimes. So this week I only lost 1 pound. Down 17 pounds.


Nothing yet. I get some round ligament pains sometimes when I'm being sick or sneeze but otherwise nothing from baby. I had one weird day this week where I could actually feel my uterus moving higher up. The hard rock seems to moved from my pelvis area to below my belly button. 

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Aversions are still the same. Meat, vegetables. I still avoid certain foods not because they are an aversion but because it isn't pretty coming up. Anything fried or oily, orange juice, Gatorade (I was just sick with it too often blah!).

But I LOVE anything cold. Fruit is a big one! Oranges, apples, strawberries, mango's (a current favorite), pears, canned peaches. GIVE THEM ALL TO ME! *insert heart eyes here* I also really like this week English muffins with jam.

I said above that I spent a lot of time in the bathroom at a tradeshow this week. So much so that at one point, someone literally called security on me. Apparently, at a busy tradeshow they want to avoid sickness going around. When I explained what was going on they were way nicer and kept sneaking me crackers from the caterers kitchen. 


Still sick 1-4 times a day depending on the day but still way better then the 10-15 times it used to be! I've been super tired this week but more so then normal because of a couple work things. Thicker middle that is only noticeable to me. Oh and I've felt super hungry this week. Want to eat all the time which is hard depending on the time of day. 

What I Miss:

I still miss feeling like a normal person. I feel like my mind this week is always on food! ha ha! "I'm starving, I want to eat, I can't eat, I REALLY can't eat that, wouldn't that be good, oh no...not so good, what I'd give to eat abc."

Labour Signs:



Keeping it Team Green! At my doctor's appointment last week, I heard the heartbeat but don't know what it measured at. Old wives tales suggest that if it is higher, it's a girl and lower suggests a boy. I don't know if this applies or what the measurement is. I think Sam's was always around 155-165. 

Wedding Rings/Belly Button

Rings on a loose and belly button is normal.

What I'm Looking Forward To/Best Moment

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Ha ha! I am looking forward to a lunch date with a girlfriend I haven't seen in a while. We get together lot's when the ferry is open but in the winter it is harder! Plus, I have been delaying going out too much with fear of driving and eating somewhere and not having anywhere to be sick. So glad we are finally getting together!

Daddy This Week:

Guys....I have a serious problem with my husband this week. He can't help name our children! You may think that I am overreacting but I swear, I am not! We have been struggling with coming up with a boys name this time around. Last time, boys were EASY and set but the girl was hard. This time, the girl is easier and the boy is impossible. So, we've been talking names a lot in the last couple weeks. The problem is that we are no further ahead because my husband (whom I do love dearly just to note) comes up with the worst names! Again, not even exaggerating! I appreciate his input but I have to shake my head at his suggestions.

The latest, a name he heard and had saved on his phone to tell me....Sherman. Like a Sherman tank? Nope! And the other serious suggestion because he knows how much I love politics....Barack. BARACK?!?!? So our son's name would be Barack Woermke. Good grief. It is up to me to name this child.

Any boy name suggestions? Surely yours would be better then his! :) ha ha!

Big Brother Sam:

I don't think Sam is really "getting" it yet but after talking about it so much over the last 2 weeks, he seems to recognize baby by giving my belly kisses once in a while. Melt my heart! Our boy had a great valentines day and spoiled me! It is so important to Ryan and I that we raise a good man. I think the world needs more good, well mannered and kind men. If we have another boy, I hope that he takes after his example of a big brother. 


We are looking to do some office renovations in the next few years at work. We had someone in to help with a design plan. In the initial conversation, we named all the stuff we wanted. One...a couch! A place that we where we can lay down in a quiet corner for a short cat nap. I am pretty much BEGGING for one now to "break in" and test until the renovation happens. It would be way more comfortable then my head on my desk! Genius, right?



  1. Oh I love names...lets see...I have been thinking a lot lately that I like Emmett!

  2. I'm a name-nerd and felt bad we didn't have Felicity name chosen until after she was born... it was on the list.. which we were still working and adding/removing while being induced. But I always find boy names harder to agree on... ummmm if he like Sherman... what about Sheppard?

    1. Oh I like Sheppard way better then Sherman! I'll mention that one to him!

    2. Let me know if you need any other help.. I've helped named a few babies now... it's guilty pleasure. ;)

  3. I always had the ligament pains and also felt the uterus move up. Rylie's heartbeat was always between 160-175. Just sayin'. Oh man, I hated the names Casey picked out for boys: Harrison!!! NO THANKS! I think of Harrison Ford, he thinks of Harrison who was Dexter's son from the show Dexter. And I just think of people calling him Harry, nope!