Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend In Big Boy Bed

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! Mine passed by too quickly but it included lots of time with my boys and some house projects actually getting done! 

The weekend started out a little rough for this preggo on Friday. I had been having a "sick" day in general. I know there will be a lot of bathroom trips when the morning starts out there. I even had to beeline outside at daycare drop off. But I got through the day but decided to try and attempt to get groceries instead of having to do it on the weekend! I should have known better with the amount of times I had been sick. I get to the store and begin my shopping. I get all my produce and head over to the meat section. Which has always been a catalyst this whole pregnancy. Suddenly, the smell overwhelmed me and I couldn't even attempt to look for a bathroom. It was too late. I puked all over the floor of the grocery store. Somewhere between the hamburger meat and chicken breasts. I think my most embarrassing moment to date. 

It had actually been 3 bad days in a row. And after the grocery store episode I was feeling a little deflated. But I wanted so badly to get out and go to book club for some social time! Luckily, book club is at a fellow members home and I felt very comfortable getting up to use the bathroom. Especially now that the pregnancy is public! It makes it so much easier then trying to hide. 

I had a great sleep that evening and woke up feeling pretty good and hungry! I have to be careful with how much I eat and what but I made us a big breakfast and ate what I could. It was my first well rounded meal in a week! 

With a little energy and food in my belly, Ryan took Sam outside for a long sled ride and I got to work on the finishing touches of his room. Making the bed, moving his stuff and etc. He has been asking for a month if it was ready and I was so excited to tell him it was! 

We all rested that afternoon and Sam had his last sleep in his crib! Booooo! 

Baby must have wanted to give me a break after the embarrassing episode on Friday. I was only sick once! It was glorious!  

For supper Ryan went and picked up a pizza. We watched Cars for the first time (Sam loved it!) and had hot fudge sundaes to celebrate Sam getting to sleep in his big boy room for the first time! That and I was craving it...ha ha!

Sam was eager to get to bed and kept asking if it was time! Easiest bedtime ever! He just wanted to get to bed! ha ha! We did our normal stuff and this is what he looked like when we turned off the light...ha ha! 

Ryan and I listened and waited but we never heard a peep! He had fallen and stayed asleep all night! He still doesn't realize he can get out of bed by himself so he was calling for us in the morning. He was so proud to have slept in his big boy bed! 

We had a busy morning and after breakfast we had some time before church so I brought out the paints and let Sam work on his "Valentines" for his friends. 

We went to a great church service and Sam made a "salt of the earth" necklace in Sunday School that he refuses to take off! ha ha! Sam's usually a very independent player but Sunday he must have been needing some Mommy attention because he was always asking, "Momma, you come pay with Sam?" I was happy to oblige! 

After a big nap in his big boy bed, we had a quiet evening. Quick supper and then Super Bowl! Sam watched until the coin toss. Although our little Canadian boy wanted to play hockey instead of watching football! ha ha! 

Oh and play superman! ha ha! 

We put our (still) excited boy to bed. I think the biggest adjustment is not having a monitor in his room to see him anymore. But looked in on him about an hour after bedtime to him snoring! 

Ryan and I always watch the Super Bowl together. I made some homemade Queso dip and we watched together until he had to go to work! It felt like a mini date! Something we haven't gotten to do a lot of since he started nights and I started going to bed at 7:30! ha ha! 

How was your weekend? 


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  1. OMG so embarrassing puking in the store but whatever, they don't know you so who cares! HAHA

    Sam was so proud of his big boy bed, glad to hear that nap time was just as successful as bed time. Now the crib is ready for his baby see-ster LOL