Monday, February 20, 2017

WARM Wintry Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! For all of Ontario it is Family day and a day off. For us Quebecers, it is just another day! ha ha! 

But I realized just got much the winter weather can effect my mood! It's no secret I hate winter but this year was particularly hard with being cooped up being sick. But the weather took a turn towards Spring for a few days and WOW did it ever improve me mood! The sun, the few degree's below zero and the getting out of the house! I feel more energized. 

Friday was a beautiful day and our annual snowmobile day for clients. I set up the breakfast and then saw the guys off! They all reported it was a great day and they had some fun stories to share when Sam and I joined them at Gavan's for supper.  

Daddy was busy returning sleds so I got Sam bathed and ready for bed. He was in a fantastic mood after seeing all the sleds and the boys! Oh and the sips of Pepsi probably didn't help! ha ha! 

When I got Sam to bed, I settled in for some Netflix and Mango! 

If there was theme to our weekend it would be lazy mornings! We so enjoyed cuddles in bed and not changing out of our PJ's for a while. Sam slept in passed 7:30 each morning! 

We couldn't waste the BEAUTIFUL day outside so we all bundled up for a couple hours of outside time. We ended up seeing and playing with our cousins from across the road for a while. 

We were all exhausted from so much play so we had a quick lunch. I had to document the first vegetables I've eaten in months! It literally felt like such a momentous occasion that I had to document it! ha ha! 

Ryan, Sam and I all went down for an afternoon nap! It felt good to re-charge the batteries and then get up to get ready for a fun evenings! We were invited to a gender reveal party for friends Amanda and Josh who's new addition will be arriving in June! 

It was my first gender reveal I had been to! We enjoyed a delicious spread of party food and ice cream sundaes for dessert! But the exciting part was witnessing the couple see what it they would be welcoming a baby boy or girl! 

They cracked open the Pinata and blue candy went flying! A little baby BOY! Yay! 

It was a late night for Sam but he did great considering it was 2 hours passed his bedtime. We all went to bed as soon as we got home after such a fun night! 

The next morning we all slept in until almost 8! And continued our lazy morning of cuddles. I had to get a move on getting ready though because I had a fun morning coming up! My MIL had invited me to a girls day in the city! On the agenda, pedicures and lunch! She has had an inside look at how sick I've been and told her son to stay at home with Sam so she could treat me to a morning out! 

It was great to get a pedicure done. It had been WAY too long! And we had a delicious lunch at Lonestar! Look more vegetables! 

Thank you so much for such a great getaway! 

I actually got home in time to squeeze in a 30 minute nap before the boys got up! I was not hungry AT ALL so I made the boys grilled cheese for supper and I snacked on some mango. Sam ate all his food and requested "dessert". He always closes his eyes for his "surprise" dessert. Last night was leftover Valentine chocolate! ha ha! 

Beautiful weather, celebrating with friends, time with my boys and a little pampering. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend! 



  1. I am so glad you are feeling well enough to eat your veggies. Good thing they have Pre-natal vitamins! It sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  2. It was a beautiful weekend. Glad to see you are having some veggies and real food! I guess the question would be, is it staying down? LOL.