Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekend With Sam!

Happy Monday everyone! Have I mentioned I am SO done with winter? We got another dumping of snow yesterday and the snowbank behind my house is getting comically tall! Here's hoping for some melting soon! 

Because of the weather this weekend and Ryan's snowmobile plans, it meant a Sammy and Mommy weekend. I actually can't remember the last time I had so much uninterrupted time with my little man. I've been feeling so sick the last while and Ryan has been around for the most part. But it hasn't been me solo for quite sometime! 

Friday was a rough afternoon for sickness. So I already declared I wasn't even attempting to make something for supper. I told Ryan to pick up a couple of pizza's and invite his parent's over for supper. It was a nice break from the normal and a great visit. 

Ryan went to work that night and Sam went to bed. I relaxed and watched my latest Netflix show, Homeland. 

Saturday morning Ryan surprised me in bed with a Tim's and then got ready to spent the day snowmobiling with his uncle and cousins. So began Sammy and Mommy day! 

My latest favorite food, canned peaches. Weird! 

And coffee isn't my most favorite thing right now but I think it is so sweet that Ryan thinks to stop and pick me up one. So I just sip it very slowly. Sometimes while enjoying a little Paw Patrol! :) 

Sam and I had a big day planned! Get our Valentines for our friends made up, some Valentine cookies to surprise Daddy with and play in the snow! We had a slow morning with Paw Patrol, breakfast and getting dressed. I puttered away at some laundry and then we got started on Daddy's cookies! 

I haven't really cooked/baked much of anything for months and I noticed Sam has really advanced in his "helping skills". He is actually good at stirring now! He literally did all the stirring and I added all the ingredients! I kept telling him these cookies were a secret but as soon as he saw his Daddy he spilled the beans! ha ha! 

After snack and cookies were done cooking, we both bundled up and headed outside! He had been BEGGING me to go outside all morning. As much as I hated to do it, we spent 2 hours outside together. Shoveling, pretending to be snow plow trucks and walking back to the chicken barn for a visit! 

I think I successfully tired us both out and we both had a great nap that afternoon! ha ha! 

That afternoon for snack I made us popcorn and we watched Cars. At one point he came over to me and said, "Tank you Momma for the special popcorn for Sam". 

Sunday Sam and I headed to church while Daddy slept. When Sam went down for a nap (Ryan was home), I met a bestie for brunch! A slow kid-free brunch and wonderful visit! 

It was a really rough drive home as the snow was coming down hard! But I made it back to have supper with the boys and watch a little Toy Story! Sam is really liking movies right now and it is fun to introduce some of my Disney favorites to him! 

Daddy had to head to work early again and so I put Sam down for bed. We had snuggles and story and singing. When I thanked Sam for a special weekend with me and being such a good boy he wrapped my arms around my neck and said, "Sam love you Momma." And then this hormonal pregnant lady started crying! ha ha! 

I think Sam and I both needed some special time together. I've hated not being myself for him and I think he was ready for Mommy time too! I love this little boy fiercely and am always amazed and proud of the kind little man he is growing up to be! 

How was your weekend? 



  1. Aww sounds like a good weekend, minus the outside playing kids don't even bug me to go outside and play in the snow, I guess they know I hate it. Maddy will however go outside and shovel...hey, go for it!

  2. Awwww. what a post full of love. <3