Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Baby W 2.0 - Weeks 9, 10, 11 and 12

9 Weeks

The beginning of these weeks were just as bad as 8 weeks. Sick 10-15 times a day. I am wondering if I am definitely in some sort of "blue" phase from all of the sickness. I am literally terrified to go any where. I haven't even been making the trips to our city office in fear of traffic and the lack of bathroom. Not to mention being anywhere with someone who can hear me being sick and then having to explain what is wrong. It is all getting to me mentally.

I am trying my best to be a working mom and wife still but it is becoming increasingly impossible and that has been hard for me to cope with.

Besides the obviously sickness, I don't feel pregnant at all. My belly is flatter then it has in years, my pants and rings are loose, and I don't feel any normal other symptoms like sore breasts, acne and tummy pulls.

I did have a doctors appointment and that was nice but it was pretty basic as it was too early to listen to the heart with a doppler. He sent away for my ultrasounds and gave me blood work papers. I do love my doctor and am glad I get to have him for a long period of time before I switch to the one who will deliver the baby. 

10 Weeks

I never thought I would say this but I am thankful for puking 3-4 times a day. This week has brought a little relief to the sickness. Instead of being sick 10+ times a day, it is down to 3-4 and the best part is I usually can time them.

2-3 AM- Guaranteed first episode of sickness
Noon - Sick
5 PM - Sick

And then sometimes one somewhere before I go to sleep but not always.

This welcomed "relief" still makes me fearful of leaving home but I feel like I have my life outside of the bathroom visits back. I am still feeling very tired and lethargic from lack of food but I am getting by.

Favorite foods right now are fruit, muffins, gatorade slushies (snow with gatorade on top) and soda crackers. But the main thing is I am trying my hardest to keep drinking in between sickness because I do not want to end up in ER! Doc has me monitoring my urine pretty closely.

Officially down 12 pounds as of the beginning of week 10. Hopefully it doesn't get too much lower.

We have shared our news with Ryan's parents and it was so nice to be able to surprise them! Unlike my family who found out when we had the bleeding episodes, we could share the good news in a fun way!

Sometimes I think I am crazy and then other times I swear I feel something in my belly. Not quite flutters but definitely something. And although no one else can see it from my looser pants, I can tell that between my belly button and pelvis is harder.

11 Weeks

Much of the same except now I couldn't hide in the safety of the farm office that is so close to home. This is our biggest tradeshow that we do and it is two grueling and tiring days of shaking hands, set ups, small talk and late night events. To say I was anxious for this was an understatement. On day 1, we took a large group of key clients out to dinner and it was late in the afternoon, my normal sickest time of the day. Thankfully, it was a group of all men and they didn't even notice my absence from the table the 2 times I needed to leave. I also ordered the smallest item on the menu and gave half to my brother.

It was "go time" in the morning with set up and thankfully Dad had been there for morning set up so I could avoid too much heavy lifting. Mornings are always my best time of day though with limited sickness so I was in high gear in the morning setting up, shaking hands and doing business.

By lunch, I was spent and took every opportunity to sit or be sick as I could. The toughest part was tear down because another exhibitor offered to buy has all a drink and I got cranberry juice which surprised a couple of guys.

I think I suffered for the remainder of the week as my body recuperated. But the light at the end of the tunnel this week was seeing the sweet babe during our ultrasound on the Thursday! I had been so excited to finally see the baby and hear the heart beat. My spirit needed it. It in a small way made all of my sickness O.K. It was just so reassuring and uplifting. And even more fun to compare to Sam's ultrasound. 

Baby W 2.0:

12 Weeks 

For some reason this weeks seems like a milestone week even though it isn't technically 2nd trimester yet! We finally shared our news with everyone on Sunday at church by first having "big brother" put money in the celebration jar and then posting our announcement picture on social media. It is a HUGE relief to finally have it out and in the open! No more secrets and no more lies. And other really sick Momma's have come forward with stories and words of encouragement. I know I'll get through it but it is nice to hear others have gone through this as well. Like I'm not so alone anymore.

After a busy weekend (or maybe a baby growth spurt?), I was particularly sick on Sunday afternoon. Running to the bathroom at least once an hour or less. It was awful. I think Ryan had been talking to another father who's wife had been in a similar boat because he was especially good on Sunday with helping me and encouraging me. I think Ryan had normalized my sickness to the point that he was no longer offers a hug, encouraging words or help. I think who ever talked to him must have said something because he had hugs, ginger ale and so much help on Sunday afternoon. It was a nice change!

My weight continues to drop but that's expected at this point considering I hardly eat and anything I do usually comes up. I try and have a higher caloric breakfast and morning snack because it is my least sick time of day. And that food is usually digested by the time lunch rolls around and I begin getting sick for the day. I remember at this time with Sam, I started to wear a belly band with my work pants because of the growing tummy. Not needed at all this time! My belly was kind of always there but there is no sucking in. But belly is still there hard as a rock and seems to make it more noticeable to me in the afternoons.

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