Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 In Review–Part 1



The beginning of January started out with a bang as we packed our bags and headed to Florida for an amazing (almost) 2 weeks at Disney!! Ryan and I (and my parents) had a great time visiting all the theme parks, eating WAY too much and also getting in some relaxing time!

Recap here and here!



I had a tradeshow in Ottawa when we returned home and ended up getting a nasty flu bug from shaking LOTS of hands! Yuck! Luckily, I recovered quickly and was able to make it to a very important wedding. One of my best friends, Rebekka was marrying her sweetheart Josh!

Disney 068


February was another busy month for us! We celebrated some important birthdays and Ryan got a new vehicle! Our new (to us) truck has been great as we were having difficulty sharing one vehicle! One of us would always end up stranded!

Ryans new truck!

In February was also the start of Lent. Last year for 40 days I gave up meat! It was a challenge at times but one that I am glad I stuck too as I learnt about a lot of foods that I do enjoy eating!


March is notoriously a very busy month for us. It is very busy at work in March as the season is about to start. March also brings a lot of activities for many family birthdays that are in March!

First we celebrated Faith’s birthday!

 Faiths 4th birthday 010

Then it was Ryan’s birthday which I almost missed as I was at a political function in Montreal! But, I sped home like crazy, picked up supper and cake and was still able celebrate with my hunny! 


March 23 is also my brother’s birthday but also my nephew’s birthday! It was hard to believe that he was already 2!

Faiths 4th birthday 001


Spring had sprung in April and early in April I discussed our ugly truth about marriage. It was a hard post to write but something that I wanted to get off of my chest.

I also got a new pair of glasses in April! It was something that was mentionable as I hadn’t had a new pair of glasses in over 7 years! After picking up my new frames, Mom and I had a nice supper before heading over to see Oprah!


I talked about some wonderful activities in our small town. Specifically in April, we celebrated the wonderful Kennedy Family and all that they have done for our community. 

It was a pretty wet spring but we faced the flood at the Beachbarn and held the Canada Day Committee Poker Tournament there!

Poker Tourney


Work is always crazy in the early spring and this year was no exception. The weather was beautiful and in May it sometimes felt like summer!

May was tough as we lost a very special family member and I also went through surgery.


Last minute my surgery got re-scheduled and Ryan and I were able to have a small getaway for our anniversary! It was very low key but it was nice to spend time together celebrating one year of marriage!


At the end of May we helped organize and participate in the annual Canada Day Golf Tournament! Always a favourite event!



Summer was in full swing and the days were filled with activities! The month started out with participating in a baseball tournament, a wedding reception and a movie in theatres…and that was just ONE weekend!


I was so excited and honoured to participate in the Relay for Life! My team was amazing and the whole experience was something I will never forget!


I hosted a shower for one of my best friends Amanda in June and also had a wonderful time at our annual Sunday School picnic!


We also had a great time planning and having (too much) fun at a Stag for Amanda and Josh!


Wow…that was a busy half of a year so far! It’s amazing how much stuff you forget about and as I review my posts I had forgotten so much!

Stay tuned for part 2…


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  1. Thanks for the recap. Seeing the Sunday School Picnic pictures brought happy tears to my eyes.