Friday, January 17, 2014

Jamaica 2014


Happy Friday everyone! I feel like this is the first real day that I can sit down, take a breath and recap on the amazing vacation we had! It’s been a whirlwind of a week trying to get back to our normal life!

We knew about this trip about 2 years before it happened! Friends Lisa & Luc had decided they wanted to get married down south! Immediately, we started saving our pennies so that when the time came, we could go! Last August, we discovered we were pregnant. We weren’t sure what this would mean for our trip. It was important to us that we be there (as Ryan was the Best Man). Thankfully, the date worked out perfectly with me being 26-27 weeks pregnant. At 28 weeks, I would no longer be eligible for medical insurance! Just made the cut off!

We kind of consider this trip to also be a bit of a “Babymoon” for us as it would be the last trip before Baby W’s arrival! I was so looking forward to a week of relaxation in the warm south.

On January 5th, we loaded a plane in Ottawa (about 1 hour delayed) for Montego Bay, Jamaica! We sailed through customs and were loaded on the bus to our resort! It was about an hour and a half drive to our resort so of course we had to stop for refreshments!


We got to our resort and checked in around 1 AM. I was very sore and tired from the long journey and went to bed. Ryan decided to join some friends at the Sportsbar for a few drinks. The next morning I woke up at 7:30 – 8 AM to no husband. I was quite worried but we later met up. Momma wasn’t happy so I headed to the beach by myself. Ryan later joined me and did some serious ass kissing! ha ha!

I can’t say enough about how lucky we were with the weather! It was suppose to rain all week and we never did get any showers during the day! I was so happy to sit on the beach every day sunny the belly and reading!



Usually the afternoons, after lunch, were spent at the pool. The entertainment staff would be organizing lots of games and activities and it was fun to watch. Plus, the pool bar made it easy access for refreshments!

Arm Wrestling competition


Ryan with the Bride and Groom!


The bride-to-be arm wrestling her mother in law!


I would usually head back to the room for a little rest as the gang stayed at the pool. In the evening we would take off our wet swim suits and get dressed up for supper!

Live entertainment outside the restaurant


Adam and Ryan loading up on carbs! Sharing a banquette!


The sports bar was a great place to hang out and was a favourite of the guys! It had T.V, a mini casino, pool tables and computers.


If you made it past supper, around 9:30 every night there would be a show put on by the entertainment staff. I didn’t catch them all by I had fun at the beach party, Michael Jackson show and International Night.


Wake up the next morning, eat breakfast, head to the beach and repeat! We really loved this schedule (or lack there of).


On Wednesday, January 8th it was WEDDING DAY! The whole reason why we were all down there! To be there to see friends Lisa and Luc tie the knot!

Being that Ryan was the best man, the boys got ready in our room. Men really are much more relaxed on the day of their wedding compared to women! And, they have such little to do! Lucky!

We headed down to the beach location for the wedding and awaited the brides arrival!

Handsome groomsman and I!


The groom and his best man!


It was a beautiful and fast ceremony! You could tell they were both so excited and very much in love! We spent some time taking pictures on the beach before heading to the bar for some cocktails!



We all ate at the resorts steak restaurant which included a champagne toast and wedding cake! Later, we all gathered at the beach for a mini reception, dancing bare foot in the sand included!

On the Thursday a group of us decided to load one of the buses to the local marketplace to do some shopping. There were no vendors at our resort so this was our only opportunity to get any souvenirs.


We had 2 hours to shop which was plenty of time! Ryan and I got some coffee, rum, a baby onsie and of course a Christmas ornament!

On the bus headed back to the resort (creepy looking Adam in the background).


Friday and Saturday was more of the same. Sometimes Ryan would join me on the beach and some days he would sleep in. Either way, we always met up for some time in the sun. Usually, we would participate in at least one excursion on past trips but decided a week of relaxing at the resort was a lot better for us this time. I really wanted to enjoy and soak up some pre-baby moments. Sleeping in, naps, no schedule and quiet reading time!

Beach in the morning…


Pool in the afternoon…


And supper, show and bar in the evenings!


Some people *cough*my parents*cough* were worried about me travelling while pregnant. But truthfully, I never had any problems (thank goodness) and never once felt like we were in any danger. Besides Ryan, I always had an amazing gang of friends who were always there for me if I needed something. I can’t thank them enough for that!

I think my most favourite part of the trip were the quiet moments that I had with baby. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life, the kicks and squirms in my belly become part of my everyday life and not as noticeable. It was nice to sit back and connect with baby more. Enjoy every kick, talk to my belly and imagine what life is going to be like in a very short amount of time.

Jamaica was a great pre-baby trip! Full of relaxing, sun and quiet beach moments! Congrats Lisa and Luc!


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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Love your wedding outfit :)