Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend of Panic…In Point Form!


Happy Monday everyone! To think this time last week I was just boarding a plane in Jamaica…how 7 days makes quite a difference! I could certainly use some of that Jamaican heat this morning! Brr!

I have to admit, to most people my weekend probably looked pretty good! Actually, probably great! But to this Mama to be, all I felt all weekend long was panic!

I promised myself that I would relax during Christmas/New Years and then again for our trip to Jamaica. I would hold off on the “nesting” things until we got back. The only problem with that is during my restful and quiet week in Jamaica, it gave me a lot to think. It gave me time to form to-do and to-get lists in my head!

Being that this was the first weekend after we got back it felt as though those lists were pressing down on me. Like they had to be completed in a matter of days, rather than weeks! This drove both Ryan and I insane…for completely different reasons.

- Friday night Ryan went out sledding for the first time since our return home. I unpacked and cleaned. I guess the busy week caught up with me because Ryan found me asleep on the floor near my suitcase at 8:30.

- Saturday was our first date of 2014!

photo 2

- While we were in the city doing our date, we also went to Target and purchased our crib. Actually, the first target we went to was out of stock so we went to two Targets.

- My first moment of panic started while going down the “baby” aisles. I kept making mental notes of things I wanted/needed to get!

photo 1

- We did enjoy our date but more on that later!

- As soon as the date was over it was back home and ASSEMBLED the crib! WOO HOO! Not going to lie, feels weird to have a crib in the house. Ryan wasn’t sure why I was SO insistent on assembling the crib that night but there was no sleep for this Mama until it was put together!


- While Ryan was “calmly” putting together the crib, I made a to-do list for the next day! It MAY have been a little lengthy and ambitious for only 24 hours in a day.

- Sunday morning Ryan was off to hockey and I went to church. It was hard to focus in church as my to-do list for the day kept running through my head.

- After a quick breakfast at Mom and Dad’s it was off to work!

- Something that was realized this weekend, my idea of “nesting” is entirely different then Ryan’s. My idea is that we meticulously go through each item, clean said items and place them back in a new organized manner.

- Ryan doesn’t realize that if said nesting items are not done the way that I want, then they are not considered done.

- Sunday ended by these two parents-to-be being in different areas of the home being very quiet.

- The unrealistic to-do list has 2 items crossed off. Small accomplishments…

Poor Ryan! Ha ha!



  1. Haha I've been trying to explain to Alex that what Mama wants, Mama gets right now. BUT, I also know that he takes his sweet time getting things done so I try to work with him. Like we need to figure out final placement of the furniture in the baby's room before the shower. So I made him promise it would get done. Then I waited a bit and asked him which night this week he wanted to do it. So I've been reminding him that Tuesday he is mine. We will see if it works! Haha

  2. Ya I have started nesting, especially having all the baby items in the house. We gone for most of the week this week, but I know when we get home I will be hard a work!! The nursery looks like a baby bomb hit it from my shopping trips and shower!!