Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby W–27 Weeks


*Each bumpdate is from the week before. I am currently 28 weeks and 5 days pregnant!*

27 weeks

27 weeks as of January 10th, 2013

This Week:

Celebrating 27 weeks on the beach in Jamaica! Soaking up the last two days of sun before heading home and back to reality! Trying to really relax as I know that this week is going to be crazy with a 2 day tradeshow and then doctor’s appointment.

Baby This Week:

Baby is the size of a rutabaga (k?). Baby is practising inhaling and exhaling! Baby’s hearing is getting better and better every week. Baby is also getting stronger and getting more muscle tone from all of the moving around!

Maternity Clothes:

Enjoying the last couple of days of flip flops and sundresses before heading back to the snow back home! Boo! For the work tradeshow this week, I had a Old Navy shirt embroidered so that I would have something to wear that would match the rest of the teams attire! I got a lot of giggles as people asked me if Mountainview now made maternity clothes! But I was comfy all day and could get to business without having to worry about a non-maternity wardrobe malfunction.


Stretch Marks/Weight:

Yikes! Big jump in the weight this week as I hadn’t weighed myself since before the trip. Put on another 6 pounds in the last two weeks. For a total of +8 since the beginning of the pregnancy!

Nothing new in the stretch mark department!


Baby movements are definitely sharper and more defined. At my appointment this week baby was head up but in the afternoon I felt baby do a complete 180 to head down. So weird to feel and watch it shifting so much! 

Food Cravings/Aversions:

No real cravings this week but when I was back from Jamaica I was glad to be back to somewhat normal eating schedule. Between Christmas, New Years and then Jamaica my eating has been crap! Not only does it show in my large increase of weekly weight but also in my energy. I am glad to be home where I can make my own healthier food and get back on schedule! I got groceries at 27 weeks 6 days and loaded up on all of my healthy favourites! Not to mention planned all of our meals for the week again for healthy suppers! Feels good to be back to organized!


Oh geez! A couple of real “special” symptoms showed up this week…

At 27 weeks and 3 days, we were were FINALLY going to fly home after a long flight delay. I was sitting in the non-air conditioned airport, so thirsty from lack of water (it was 2 AM, no stores and no vending machines) and looked down to see my hands had swollen! My fingers looked like mini sausages and my rings were getting increasingly tighter and tighter on my hands. Thankfully, when we were back home the swelling went down and hasn’t happened again since!

Baby brain is real people! At the the grocery store I grabbed my bags out of the trunk of my car. I went and got all my food and checked out. As I was pushing my cart back to my car I noticed my cars hatchback was up. I was a little confused as to why it would be since my car keys were still in my purse. Then the realization come to me that I actually never shut it after I grabbed my bags. So for about an hour my car sat like this in the parking lot….woops!

baby brain

On one of my pregnancy apps on my phone I had read about leg cramps happening sometimes in pregnancy. I thought I was lucky to have avoided this symptom. At 27 weeks and 6 days, I rolled over in bed and all the sudden I got a horrible Charlie Horse! The worse part is that it is nearly impossible to jump out of bed with a boulder attached to your stomach to stretch out your leg.

What I Miss:

Not having to sit down to put on my socks and rolling over easily in bed!

Labour Signs:

No labour signs this week but at my “28” week doctor’s appointment (at 27 weeks and 6 days) I asked the doctor about my previous weeks pelvic pain. He poked around and asked where it was. When I showed him he said that it was a great thing! It meant the baby (at the time) was probably head down and causing it to stretch my pelvic bones…Yay?


Still no clue or guess! At the tradeshow in the city I was getting asked the gender questions every few seconds. People’s reactions were mostly shock which is hilarious! As I work in a male driven industry, they weren’t many guesses!

Belly Button In or Out:

In but VERY shallow and almost non-existent.

Wedding Rings On or Off:

One small scare on the flight home.I was worried that I wouldn’t actually get my rings off without cutting them! The swelling went down and I haven’t had any problems since!

What I’m Looking Forward To This Week:

Doctors appointment at 27 weeks and 6 days!

The last week of the second trimester! Huge milestone again!

Looking forward to being home and hopefully getting things accomplished on the baby to-do list!

Daddy This Week:

Daddy doesn’t do well with lack of sleep so the change of schedule has been harder on him. I think he is going through Jamaica withdrawals this week! ha ha


Heels suck when you are not pregnant and will just make you miserable if worn when with child!

Best Moment Of The Week:

Getting home was a really great moment this week! I love being back on schedule, in my own home (aka bed) and getting back to reality! I have a long list in my head of things I want to get done and I am started to feel like that window of opportunity is so small!

I also enjoyed having my doctors appointment this week and hearing that everything looks great! Blood pressure, belly measurement, urine sample and baby’s heart beat is all perfect! I am so thankful for the lack of problems I have had! My doctor just keeps calling me “text book”!

Seeing this picture on a baby forum and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud! This is TOTALLY my hope for my child! ha ha!

photo 1

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  1. I really really really hope you drop your baby less than your phone!!!! LOL!!! And I still can't believe you left your hatchback open all that time!! Actually... I can... because it sounds like something I would do (and I don't even have baby brain! hahaha!!)

  2. i love that dress you're wearing! i hope you had an amazing time in jamaica, i have always wanted to go! and a rutabaga, huh? i have never even seen one in real life. haha.

  3. Love the update... especially the cartoon about dropping your phone.

  4. A friend of mine had leg cramps during her pregnancy and put a bar of soap under the fitted sheet at the foot of the bed, she said it worked. Other people tell me it's an old wives tale, but it's at least worth a try and inexpensive!

  5. Haha, that's kind of funny that you left the hatchback in your SUV open. I am surprised that no one just came by and shut it.

  6. In scuba diving when you have a charlie horse they say to grab your toes and pull back to help. Not sure if that would be an easy feat but that's what we're told to do in that situation :).