Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 In Review–Part 2



We kicked off the month of July like any true northerner with Canada Day festivities!! It’s a pretty big deal in my little town! Parade, fire works, and an all night party!


I also attended Ottawa Bluesfest for the first time this year! It was a blast going to see all of these amazing live shows but I also learnt I am not good at all-nighters anymore!

I also helped host and attend a bachelorette for one of my best friends, Amanda!

On July 9th our family welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Everett to the family! It was so exciting to become and auntie again!


On July 20th, Ryan and I were honoured to be part of the wedding for best friends Amanda and Josh!

amanda and josh 9


In August Ryan and I began keeping one of the biggest secrets of our lives! On August 2nd after curiously thinking there might be a chance I could be pregnant, I took a test and it was positive!

pool party 10

Keeping the secret was SO hard! We hosted our fifth annual pool party for friends.

Thankfully, we had booked a trip to Nova Scotia for August so we were able to get away for a while. On our trip we talked about all things baby! Sitting on the ocean, sipping a tea and reading my first ever pregnancy book! A memory I’ll always cherish!

We were able to tour around the island and then meet up with cousins for a fun anniversary party for my parents! I was successful from keeping my drinks sober throughout the whole trip without any suspicion. Recap here and here.

 ns 1


“Morning” sickness had hit with full force and it was getting so hard to keep the pregnancy a secret. It was also REALLY hard to not give away our little secret on my blog when all I wanted to do was shout the news from the roof tops. I have noticed that when other bloggers became pregnant they kind of fell off of the blogging bandwagon until they announced their news. I didn’t want to cause any suspicions so I made sure to blog as much as usual.

The month started out with a long weekend! Shawville Fair is always a pretty epic event in our area and of course I attended! That same weekend we also met with friends for a 30th birthday at Lonestar!

shawville fair 4

Weekends were kind of quiet as I tried to lay low and close to a bathroom! Yuck! I talked about a few of my favourite things in the meantime!

Towards the end of September we started telling our family and closest friends that we were expecting! It was amazing not to have to be hiding the secret anymore! One weekend we joined friends for supper for Joshs birthday and were able to tell him (and Amanda) in person before he headed back to Calgary…but I kept that tidbit of info out of my “weekend recap” post

sept 21 4

FINALLY, at the very end of September our pregnancy news went viral! Facebook and blog posts were up and the news was out!

100_1105 - Copy-001


The blog posts in the month of October pretty much revolved entirely around baby! I started out the “Bumpdates”. Weeks 4,5,6 and 7, weeks 8, 9, 10 and 11, week 12, week 13, week 14 and week 15. It was nice to be all caught up and current on the blog as to which pregnancy week I was experiencing!

thanksgiving 5-001

  I also shared on my blog some ways I was actually able to keep this pregnancy a secret! It was fun to share with the world all the different things I used to trick everyone into thinking I WASN’T pregnant.

vodka 1

I enjoyed our local car ralley one weekend and then the next got pampered for my birthday! I also started to campaign as I had decided to run for councillor in our local municipal elections! 


Baby continued to grow and so did my midsection! Weeks 16, 17, 18 and 19.

18 weeks 3

I talked about our decision to keep the sex of our baby a secret! We cannot wait till April to see if Baby W is a boy or a girl!

Christmas preparations began and I was on a roll! I was SUPER excited for Christmas this year (yes, more then normal) as I knew it would be our last before baby!

Our little local bar hosted a Stag party for Lisa and Luc who are getting married in Jamaica in 2014. Ryan is the best man and so we were very busy getting ready! We also went out for supper that weekend to celebrate the half way mark, 20 weeks pregnant! 

stag 7


The last month of 2013…wow! Where did the year go?

The month started by celebrating the end of a busy work season! We had our company Christmas party at Gavan’s hotel! That same weekend I also attended a 2nd birthday party for little Landyn at build-a-bear!

 mvt xmas (14)

Some big projects off of the “things to get done before baby arrives” list got checked off! One of the items was the bathroom re-modeling!

Every year I love to share all the special ornaments that we get for our memory tree! This year I introduced you all to all the newest members!

Christmas decorations (22)

The baby continued to grow and grow! Ryan and I could both feel baby move now on a regular basis! Week 20, 21, 22 and 23!

20 week

Of course, we also celebrated our last Christmas as a family of 2!    


Wow! What an amazing year! I love looking back onto the year to see what happened! 2013 was a great year for us and I know 2014 will be a very monumental year as we become parents!

How was 2013 for you!


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