Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Filled With Food and Friends!


Happy Monday everyone! It’s snowing kind of heavily here right now which means that everyone is out clearing snow. Which means I have the office to myself…it’s very peaceful!

I hope everyone’s weekend was wonderful! I know mine was! I remember thinking about how my weekend seemed on the quiet side, as far as plans go. But in reality, it wasn’t quiet at all! It was actually fairly busy but it was never stressful busy so I guess that is why it felt so quiet.

The weekend started out with a very tired Lindsay and Ryan. After a fast bite to eat, a couple loads of laundry, we both settled in front of the t.v and fell asleep. Ryan eventually had to get up to head to the city to work that night and I went to bed.

Saturday morning I woke up early and relaxed. Just as I was starting to get my day started Ryan come home. He didn’t want to fall asleep yet so we joined me and we ran to get groceries and have breakfast!

I have to say, that is a food category I have been enjoying ALOT during this pregnancy, breakfast! I am specifically loving French Toast!

This picture makes my tummy growl!

We unpacked the groceries and Ryan went for a sleep while I got ready for my evening ahead! That night, a group of my closest girlfriends were all heading to Renfrew to have supper together in celebration of Priscilla’s (belated) Birthday! It was great to take a moment out of all of our busy lives and sit to enjoy each others company! We went to Santé Fe’s which is a Tex-Mex themed restaurant! I absolutely LOVE their sweet potato fries!

I have to say, the roads were great on the drive there. On the way home, it was a little more frightening. The wind had picked up and a dusting of snow was covering the ground. Thankfully, we all made it back in one piece!

Sunday morning it was off to church where after the service I got to pick out a special ornament for Baby W from our minister! She got them for all the children (and children to come!) from her trip to Bethlehem. The beautiful ornament is make out of Olive Tree wood!  


After church, I hit to road immediately as I was meeting Rebekka, one of my best friends! It has been quite some time since we have seen each other as the ferry connecting our two small towns closed early this year! I have really missed seeing her but we have a nice long 2 hour brunch where we got to catch up!

Oh, did I mention we were at Cora’s, a breakfast chain place where we both ordered these AMAZING Banana Blast crepes? It’s a crepe filled with hazelnut spread and banana’s! Yum!


If anything this weekend, I was well fed! Ha ha! When I got home from brunch with Bekk, I took a quick nap before Ryan got home. He basically worked all weekend on nights so he headed straight to bed!

It was a quiet evening Sunday night remembering all that happened this weekend. It wasn’t a quiet weekend at all, it was actually fairly busy but there was never a moment of anxiety trying to squeeze everything in. It was a wonderfully slow paced weekend where I got to spend lots of time with quite a few of my greatest girl friends!

How was your weekend?



  1. Ok the French toast and Crepes are making my tummy growl as well. They both look sooo good!

  2. French toast is my go-to easy, quick supper, or lunch. If I had bread I'd have some now, but will have to make pancakes instead. I'm glad you like the ornament.