Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby W–25 Weeks


* Each bumpdate is from the week before. I am currently 26 weeks 5 days pregnant.


25 weeks as December 27, 2013

This Week:

Christmas is over and bring on the new year! Schedule has kind of been off with New Years landing right in the middle of the week but I do like the unexpected mid-week day off!

Baby This Week:

Baby this week is the size of a cauliflower (YUCK!)! Baby is easily over a foot long now and by the synchronized kicks in my upper and lower abdomen, I believe it! Baby is pretty wrinkly and skinny but this week it should start the “fattening up” stage. If we could see inside we would be able to see hair on it’s head and would be able to see what color it is!

Maternity Clothes:

Yes! So far so good in the maternity clothes department. I haven’t really felt like I am missing anything or finding it hard to find something to wear. I did purchase a couple very long tank tops in a size larger then my usual pre-pregnancy size. I got these tanks in black and white and I like to wear them underneath some of my lower cut shirts!

Oh and THANK YOU Old Navy for making your regular clothes into maternity clothes! Makes me feel like I am wearing non-maternity items.

Stretch Marks/Weight:

Ha! Remember last week when I was amazed that I had only gained 1 pound that week? Well this was the week for weight gain, thank you Christmas! 3 Pounds this week which FINALLY puts me over my pre-pregnancy weight at +2!

I think baby must really be in a growth spurt because my belly feels a lot more consistently “bumpish” rather than just lower abdomen. I did find my first belly stretch mark as well. So far it’s really small and right near an old appendix scar. 


Oh my heavens, yes! This was a BIG movement week for baby! I can easily watch my belly and see sharp movements from the outside. I am getting better at telling what body part is sticking me.

I was sitting at my desk and baby was going crazy kicking my upper stomach. I leaned back into my chair to watch my stomach. Mom came over to watch and was shocked to see distinctive kicks from the outside.

Food Cravings/Aversions:

Nothing new that I hate this week but I do have a new found love for smoothies! This weekend when Ryan was away I didn’t feel like making myself a big meal so smoothie it was! I love that its sweet, cold and light on the tummy! I think it will definitely become a food staple for the rest of this pregnancy. 

Random night this week I woke up at 3 AM STARVING! I could not get back to sleep and so I got up and ate a bowl of cereal. I felt so much better after and was able to get back to sleep for a couple of hours in our living room chair.


Stretch mark(s) can go in this category as they are technically a symptom.

Weird dreams are happening more frequently! It’s amazing how vivid dreams can be!

A new symptom that I have been experiencing regularly is pelvic pain! This one came to kind of a surprise one morning as I tried to roll out of bed. It feels like I had been riding a bike or something for hours and “that area” is just aching from the bike seat! Ouch! No one told me about that one in my “What To Expect” book! While I have the pain it makes it very hard to bend, walk, and cross my legs.

Sleep for the most part is still ok but some days I get really bad hip pain from laying in one position. I’ll try in my sleep to go onto my belly only to realize I can’t. It’s definitely not as sound of a sleep as it use to be. 

What I Miss:

Although my chair at work was never the most comfortable, I could usually find a comfy way to sit on it. Not any more. I am constantly wiggling in my office chair trying to stay comfy.

Labour Signs:

No! And hopefully not for some time! I joined a Canadian women’s FB group where all the Mommies-to-be are due in April. This weekend, one Mommy (who was pregnant with twins) went into labour and delivered her babies. Thankfully, everyone is doing good but it really did put into perspective that it could happen (stay in there kiddo!). 



This week my mother changed her vote from team pink to team blue!

Belly Button In or Out:

In and shallow!

Wedding Rings On or Off:

Still on and still loose! Woo hoo! Trying to keep swelling down till the end and hopefully wear my rings till the end of the pregnancy.

What I’m Looking Forward To This Week:

Starting a new year! Bring on 2014! 2014 is the year that I will become a Mommy!

Daddy This Week:

Daddy was away on a bachelor party this past weekend and usually Mommy doesn’t mind being alone. This time it was different. Mommy was taking down all the Christmas decorations and the bins were too heavy for me to carry down the stairs! Mommy hated having them piled up all weekend! Plus, Mommy has a ton of stuff she wants to accomplish before you arrive and again, can’t do it without Daddy!

Daddy got home from his boys weekend and kissed you first before Mommy! See how you already have him wrapped around your little finger?


Enjoy the FULL weekend alone at home because it may be the last you have for a long time!

Best Moment Of The Week:

Starting a new year! I am actually not a huge New Years fan. I rarely make a resolution and a New Years Eve party is not high on my priority list. I much preferred celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! This year I was looking forward to 2014 because of the thought of all that was to come in the new year!

Kind of excited to park in a “Expecting” parking spot this week. I actually don’t mind walking but it was –30 outside and so I took advance of the close proximity to the door!

parking spot



  1. Oh my god. I was obsessed with smoothies in the first trimester. I would sit at work and count the minutes until I was out and I could get one! It was insane. Haha. They are so delicious. Oh and the hip pain? Brutal!

  2. I can't believe how little weight you have gained!! Good job!! Lol! I hadn't gained any in the beginning but by 25 weeks I was gaining!! Haha. You look great!! I think I will miss baby kicks once the baby is here and rubbing my belly!!

  3. I'm predicting GIRL... just because the smoothies totally reminds me of being pregnant with Piper! I cried one sunday when Chris wouldn't take me to the city for an orange julius for a triple berry smoothy.